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We offer lawn maintenance not unlike any other traditional lawn service, the difference is that the majority of the mowing is done with robots!

Robotic landscaping is the future of lawn care. By utilizing the latest technology and advancements in robotics, you can enjoy a pristine lawn without all of the work that comes with traditional landscaping. Voyager Automated Solutions is a robotic landscaping company that provides state-of-the-art robotic solutions to take care of your lawn.

We offer these services as a one-time standalone service or as part of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. After contacting us we will conduct either an in-person or remote property analysis, after which we will suggest the appropriate model(s) for your property. We will also advise of any areas that cannot be automated and may still need to be maintained via traditional means. We can then provide a proposal that includes the purchase of a mower with or without professional installation. We also offer lease programs. Either of these options can be paired with a maintenance package that includes any required service on the robot and ancillary service items outside the scope of the robot's capabilities.

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    Voyager Automated Solutions got us set up with a robotic lawnmower that greatly exceeded our expectations, and they continue to provide excellent service. They’ve worked with us on short notice to tweak some of the robot’s settings and programs, and have been super reliable the few times we’ve needed them for servicing. If you want to get into the awesome new world of automated lawn care, Jeff and his team at Voyager are the folks to call!

    Skyward Media Home Owner

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